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Johnny Appleseed Travel Diaries

"Let me show you the world in my eyes" - Depeche Mode

Introduction to Johnny Appleseed Travel Diaries
John Wight aka Johnny Appleseed has lifelong travel, photography and publishing dreams. How does he define these dreams and bring them in to focus?

Genealogy, history and adventure in the northeast states
A long journey begins with the first step. I start to contemplate how I might make my travel and publishing dreams a reality as I take a road trip through the northeast states. I catch up with relatives, sightsee with family, and explore family history and how it intertwines with the beginnings of the history of this country.

Getting ready for travel aspirations
I learned a few lessons from my trip to the northeast states. But my aspirations are far bigger than that one trip. I explore how I have gotten this far and what I can do to be ready for the next trip, whenever that might be.

Returning Home to Honolulu, Hawaii
Travel sometimes involves a trip back home. Honolulu, Hawaii, is paradise for many, but was home to me for 10 years. I take you on an exploration of one of my favorite hometowns. Along the way, I visit old friends and make new ones, including one that would come to be an important part of my traveling and publishing ventures.

Is California the ticket?
My new friend, Rick, comes for a visit and we explore California, San Diego County in particular. We see if we can't make San Diego County home while we contemplate our next steps. But is California the ticket?

Northwest change of scenery
We explore the Pacific Northwest and contemplate where we might set up our home base. We have a great time, the scenery is great, but is it home? If not, where is it? In the meantime, I explore ways to finance my aspirations, always keeping travel plans in mind.

Road tripping to the peninsula coast
Moving and establishing a new home has its stresses, not to mention that my travel dreams aren't quite a reality. So I take a solo trip for a new and refreshed outlook.

Rick's Pics
When traveling, I enjoy meeting and getting to know individuals from all walks of life. By doing that, you never know if you might find a friend that particularly connects and truly inspires you. Next thing you know, you find yourself traveling with that person and working together with you on your writing and photography projects. One of these friends is Rick Davis. Here you can get a bit of his perspective.

Passion, age and ability enable a memorable trip to China
Next thing Johnny knows, it is a couple of years later and his encounters with others lead to a trip to China. I tag along with a 90 year old attorney who gets himself around in a wheelchair. Due to concerns about health, his family tries to talk him out of going, but he goes anyway. How does he get along in China and how does the trip affect his health?

What's next?
Is Johnny realizing his travel and writing dreams and aspirations? What happened to his cross country trip? Who did he meet as he endeavored to travel the country and the world? How did he get from cross country aspirations to a trip to China? Did he learn anything in the process? Look here for what will be covered in upcoming stories.

Photo Valley Forge Pennsylvania

Photo Chinaman's Hat Hawaii

Photo Johnny Appleseed in Seattle at Pike Place Market

Photo Rodney Kittelsen Forbidden City

Johnny Appleseed's dream is twofold. First, he aspires to travel from one end of the country to the other on US Highways, taking pictures and writing about the people and places that he meets along the way. Second, he hopes to travel the world inexpensively, and similarly share what he sees and learns with anyone who might listen and learn from him.

Will he have success? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

The above stories and much more have been lived, but have yet to be published. Telling such stories takes time. Like any author, Johnny Appleseed is diligently working towards his goal of a completed published work.

Stay tuned as stories are written about past, current and future journeys, whether on the roads of the US, or on the road through life. As each story is written into completed form, it will be laid out above.


Johnny Appleseed Travel Diaries

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