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What's next?

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” - Abraham Lincoln

Upcoming stories:

Home is where you park it: In the spring of 2005, my idea of home changes a bit. What if I buy a home that can go with me when I travel? In the meantime, an old friend from Hawaii comes to town and decides to make a new home, the kind that doesn't travel. And new friendships develop as I hang around the Pacific Northwest a while longer.

Eastern Washington road trip, Wight family style: My parents and other family come to visit and I share my new home with them as we go across the state and in to Idaho and back. We find ourselves welcoming new members to the family.

Yearning for a real road trip: Best laid plans gone awry lead to a solo road trip, a trip which allows me to explore large portions of two US Highways. Among other things, I spend meaningful time with relatives I haven't seen in years.

Continuing down the US Highway: In fall 2005, Rick and I plan a road trip. I meet up with Rick in Wisconsin and we go on from there. What US Highway do we take to the end? Do we make it to the other side of the country?

Home goes to Wisconsin: Starting December 2005, an unexpected turn of events has me making a new home in Wisconsin. But we don't stop exploring. And we find a city and a house that we think might make an ideal home for us strange folk.

Driving my home to Wisconsin on another US Highway: Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to take US Highway 2 to the end. I explore this highway from Everett, WA, to almost the Wisconsin/Michigan border as I drive my old home to my new Wisconsin home.

Friends and work take me to Seattle: During the summer of 2006, I come back to Seattle for quality time with friends and family. I explore the greater Seattle area a bit, and find a renewed outlook on my travel and publishing dreams.

Mississippi River explorations and camping: Rick and I take a break at a state park where Wisconsin borders the Mississippi River.

Next thing I know, I find myself exploring China.

More Wisconsin explorations: I'm in Wisconsin for the cold winter of 2006/2007, but that doesn't stop us from getting out from time to time.

Washington and Wisconsin as homes: Where do I want to make my home? Washington and Wisconsin have their individual advantages and disadvantages as far as home material. And my friend and traveling partner is in Wisconsin, while other good friends and relatives are in Western Washington. Technically, I even have jobs in both locations. I also have homes in both places. Where do I end up?

Washington and Wisconsin travels: Changing homes makes for an excellent excuse to explore other US Highways. What do I find along the way between Washington and Wisconsin?

Quality travel time: In 2008, I take another international trip, which gives me opportunity to visit a favorite hometown, spend quality time with old friends, and make yet new ones. I also gain new perspectives on life from a friend showing me around her international hometown, do we need a lot to be happy?

Photo John Motorhome

Photo James Marsh Council Idaho

Photo Glacier Naitonal Park Continental Divide US Highway 2

Photo Western Sands Motel Gordon Nebraska

Johnny Appleseed's dream is twofold. First, he aspires to travel from one end of the country to the other on US Highways, taking pictures and writing about the people and places that he meets along the way. Second, he hopes to travel the world inexpensively, and similarly share what he sees and learns with anyone who might listen and learn from him.

Will he have success? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

The above stories and much more have been lived, but have yet to be published. Telling such stories takes time. Like any author, Johnny Appleseed is diligently working towards his goal of a completed published work.

Stay tuned as stories are written about past, current and future journeys, whether on the roads of the US, or on the road through life. As each story is written into completed form, it will be laid out above.


Johnny Appleseed Travel Diaries

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