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There are many travelers that have shared their experiences via books, videos, movies and the Internet. May you find inspiration in your own travels by learning more about the following travelers:

Alby Mangels

The opening credits to his TV/video series "Adventure Bound" have Alby telling us "Have you ever had a dream? Just pack up and go? See the world? Well I did it..."

On 3/10/71, all he and his traveling partner had were four hundred dollars cash, a film camera and the desire for adventure. During the following six years, they were to visit fifty-six countries across four continents. Alby would continue to travel and release a series of videos and documentaries, which have been shown on The Travel Channel.

To learn more about Alby and where to obtain his videos, click on the link at your left.

Michael Palin

Some people may know Michael Palin as a star of the Monty Python series and from his roles in various big screen movies. However, Michael is also an adventurous, insightful, and brilliantly funny traveler.

He traveled "Around the World in 80 Days" while a BBC crew filmed his adventures. In "Pole to Pole", he traversed the globe from north to south. He also traveled to the many places Ernest Hemingway went to and tried the things that he did, some of which were quite dangerous, for "Hemingway Adventure". He also traveled "Full Circle" and "Sahara with Michael Palin". While you can read the books or watch videos by these titles, you can also read these same adventures by clicking on the link at your left.

Brad Newsham

Brad Newsham is a San Francisco taxi driver who saved up about $5000.00 to take a 100 day backpack trip around the world. His goal was to find someone to invite to America to visit him for a month, someone who otherwise would not have had the chance, someone whom he in turn could share his world with. He wrote a book about his journey, "Take Me With You". To learn more about how this turned out, click on the link at the left.

Ted Conover

"The hobo, he travels, but he don't work. Just likes drifting. The bum ain't gonna do nothing, work or travel."

Ted Conover was an anthropology student. Hobos fascinated him, but he had only encountered them in literature and folk songs. He decided to find out what it was like to experience life as a hobo and took a year off to ride the rails. The story of his journey is told in his book, "Rolling Nowhere". For more about Ted and his book, click on the link at the left.

Gary Gladstone

"Explaining how to find her café in Gas, Kansas, Bonnie Steward said, ‘Come down Route 12, but if you blink, you’ll pass Gas.’"

Gary Gladstone is first and foremost a photographer. However, he ended up driving 35,000 miles to visit small towns with funny names. He took a portrait in every town and wrote a story about each one. The end result was the book "Passing Gas And Other Towns On The American Highway".


Favorite travel sites:

The Savvy Traveler

National Public Radio has a weekly travel show that can't be beat for travel advice, stories and other information. Click on the link at the left to access the show's web site, listen to the current week's show or past show, and access much information about travel.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Online is an independent travel guide with practical information on hundreds of countries.


Mapquest is the definitive online road atlas that can provide maps and driving directions to most locations in the United States, Canada and other countries.


Johnny Appleseed Travel Diaries

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