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Science and Technology Section

The following websites provide most of the information and news about science and technology that you could want or need:


CNET shows you how to use technology to enhance and enrich your life with news, tips and advice, reviews, podcasts and videos. Technologies covered include computers, cameras, cell phones, television, home audio, car technology, home appliances and more.

Science Friday

Science Friday is a weekly public radio call-in talk show hosted by Ira Flatow, broadcast as part of NPR's Talk of the Nation programming. It covers science and technology topics that are in the news. Their website offers articles on topics discussed in the shows, videos, blogs, links to podcasts and resources for teachers.

Popular Science and

Popular Science magazine archive

Popular Science promotes itself as the world's largest science and technology magazine. It has been educating readers about science and technology since 1872. The magazine covers the latest developments in electronics, communications, computers, photography, cars, aviation, space exploration, science, energy and more. Its offerings include headlines, recaps of recent discoveries, reader questions and answers, and how to articles.

In cooperation with the publishers of Popular Science magazine, Google Book Search has scanned all issues of Popular Science magazine dating back to 1872. These issues are freely available online, although they cannot be saved or printed.


Nova is a popular award winning science television series that airs on PBS and is produced by WGBH in Boston. The series covers a variety of science topics and shows the human story behind the science story. On the website, you can watch select episodes of the series. From their website, you can link to companion websites for each episode dating back to 1996. These companion websites offer additional resources, including transcripts, behind the scenes information, further details on the topic covered in the episode, photos, video clips, web links, book lists and teachers' guides.


Howstuffworks is a great website for those of us with curious minds who want to know how things work, whether it be parts of the human body, cars, electronics or Hollywood movie special effects. Howstuffworks takes you through such topics with illustrations and video.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

NASA's self-described mission is to "is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research." Their website offers everything you would want to know about the Apollo moon missions, the Space Shuttle, the Hubble Telescope, the solar system and its planets, the earth, the universe and more. Features include articles, photos, videos and podcasts.


If you want to learn more about a specific science or technology topic, Wikipedia is a great free resource. Just enter your topic in the search box at the Wikipedia website.


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