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Aberdeen, WA

Information for Travelers

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Grays Harbor. Montesano is the county seat.


16,150 (US Census Bureau 2007 estimate)


23 feet

Year Incorporated:


Public Transportation:

Grays Harbor Transit
705 30th Street
Hoquiam, WA 98550
Phone: 360-532.2770
Toll Free: 800-562.9730

Grays Harbor Transit provides transportation to various points in Grays Harbor County and also to Olympia for connections to Greyhound, Amtrak and other transportation providers.


The Daily World
315 S Michigan St
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Phone: 360-532-4000

Public Library:

Aberdeen Timberland Regional Library
121 East Market Street
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Phone: 360-533-2360


Aberdeen Museum of History
111 E 3rd St
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Phone: 360-533-1976


Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority
712 Hagara St
Aberdeen, WA, 98520
Toll Free: 1-800-200-5239

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport is the home of the new Lady Washington, a full scale reproduction of the original Lady Washington that was built in colonial Massachusetts in the 1750's and the Hawaiian Chieftain, a replica of a typical European merchant trader of the turn of the nineteenth century. The Lady Washington, which was built in Aberdeen, has played a starring role in the Pirates of the Carri bean series of films.

Town Hall:

City of Aberdeen
200 East Market Street
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Phone: 360-533-4100

Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information:

Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce
506 Duffy Street
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Phone: 360-532-1924
Toll Free: 800-321-1924

Select TV and Radio Stations:

Also see:

List of Aberdeen area radio stations at

List of Seattle area TV stations at

Public Radio: KPLU 100.9 FM

Talk and News Radio: KXRO 1320 AM, KBKW 1450 AM

Music: KDUX 104.7 FM, classic rock

Music: KXXO 96.1 FM, adult contemporary

TV Stations:













Annual Events:

Aberdeen Art Walk and Downtown Celebration, July

Rain or Shine Jazz Festival, September

Notable for:

Kurt Cobain was born and grew up in Aberdeen, WA. As a young adult, he would leave Aberdeen to become a rock musician legend and lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the band Nirvana.


In 1792, American explorer, Robert Gray, discovered a protected bay that would become Grays Harbor. Aberdeen is located at the east point of Grays Harbor.

In 1868, Samuel Benn, who was from New York City, established his homestead at the confluence of the Chehalis River and Wishkah River, virtually at the point where the Chehalis flows in to Grays Harbor. Mr. Benn made plans to establish a city in this area.

Salmon flourished in these waters. In 1873, Mr. Benn provided a site for a salmon cannery to George W. Hume. The area developed and in 1883, Mr. Benn platted the town. Mr. Hume’s successor, The Aberdeen Packing Company, was given the privilege of naming this town. They gave it the name of Aberdeen. The company and town were named after Aberdeen, Scotland, which also sits at the confluence of rivers and the sea. The name, Aberdeen, literally means “confluence of two rivers”, likely referring to the Don river that flows in to the sea at Aberdeen, Scotland. Aberdeen, Scotland, was also known as an exporter of salmon.

With a logging industry being established in the area, A.J. West built the town’s first sawmill in 1884. Soon after, John Weatherwax and the Wilson family established their own sawmills. Other sawmills would follow.

The town of Aberdeen was incorporated in 1890. When the Northern Pacific Railroad came to the area, it bypassed the town of Aberdeen. Citizens of Aberdeen and the neighboring town of Hoquiam banded together to build a spur line to connect with the railroad’s main line. This was financed by Mr. Benn and other businessmen in the area.

By the 1900’s, Aberdeen had a reputation of being "the roughest town west of the Mississippi" due to many saloons, brothels and gambling establishments crowding the area.

During the Great Depression, the number of sawmills dwindled from 37 to 9. The timber industry flourished, but most of the timber in the area was logged by the late 1970’s. Most of the mills closed down after that time. Salmon runs also dwindled over the years. The local economy had its ups and downs over the years.

A young man by the name of Kurt Cobain grew up in Aberdeen during those troubling economic times of the 1970’s and would leave Aberdeen to become a rock legend along with his band, Nirvana.

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